Dealing with Dry Skin: How Vitamin C Serums can Help

Vitamin C is regularly touted as a powerful cure-all for the skin. While it’s not a magical potion that fixes every problem, it is far from snake oil. Whether you have uneven skin tone, fine lines, acne scars, dull and dry skin, or any other common complexion issue, vitamin C is a helpful treatment. 

Not only does it minimize hyperpigmentation and soothe redness and irritation, but vitamin C also serves as a protection for the skin. This potent antioxidant destroys free radicals, helping to repair past damage even as it shields the skin from any new harm. 

One of the ways that vitamin C is most useful is by helping you deal with dry skin. Several different factors contribute to the issue of dry skin, all of which vitamin C addresses in some way. The best serums for dry skin include vitamin C, as it is an effective and beneficial treatment. Let’s take a look at several of the ways that vitamin C helps with dry skin. 

Protects the Moisture Barrier

The dermis and epidermis layers of your skin are full of vitamin C. When healthy, the epidermis is especially abundant with the antioxidant. Low vitamin C in the skin leaves it dry and itchy, making it vulnerable to other issues such as invading bacteria. Layering vitamin C over the skin allows it to soak in and supplement the already present supply. The skin feels hydrated without feeling oily or greasy, a desirable quality in serums for dry skin. 

Encourages Collagen Production

Collagen, the framework in your cells that keeps skin looking firm and plump, is produced just under the top layer of skin. When collagen is low, the skin dries out easily, very quickly beginning to look dull and wrinkly. Vitamin C increases collagen production within the cells, boosting levels and helping to repair any damage caused by a deficiency in collagen. 

Protects from UV Damage

Skin that is dry and weak is much more susceptible to damage, especially from UV rays. Once damaged, the skin is easily sunburnt and becomes even more vulnerable to harm. It turns into a never-ending cycle of damage and susceptibility. Vitamin C provides a natural break in the cycle by creating a protective moisture layer that wards off UV rays. While it will never replace a quality high SPF sun lotion, it does provide a small amount of short-term protection. This helps to keep skin healthy and happy during your everyday routine.  

Gentle Exfoliant

If you are struggling with dry skin, you may have a build-up of dead skin cells preventing moisture from properly soaking into the skin past the top layers. Exfoliation sloughs off the dry, dead skin, allowing hydration through. Unfortunately, if you are struggling with dry skin, harsh exfoliants have the potential to do more harm than good. Vitamin C is a natural chemical exfoliant that removes the unwanted cells and leaves the skin feeling healthy and hydrated. Once it soaks into the skin, vitamin C works to repair any damage that further prevents the skin from getting the nourishment it needs.

To limit any further drying out or harm to your skin, seek out clean, non-toxic dry skin serums. At Skin Moderne, we understand that harsh chemicals and unnecessary scents and additives contribute to struggles with dry skin. Our C Fusion is a clean vitamin C serum with all-natural ingredients that stimulate collagen production and a vitamin B complex for a soothing anti-inflammatory effect. Visit our website to learn more about Skin Moderne’s products designed to nourish and protect your skin without unnecessary chemicals and toxins.