About us


From our inception in 2002, we have strived to bring you significant advancements in preventative aging, aging reversal, and overall skin wellness. We have unrelentingly evolved by persistently seeking new ideas, ingredients, technologies, and innovations - often pushing beyond commonly accepted boundaries to exceed the limits of what is normally done. By doing so, we have been able to provide you with the best products for facials.


Skin Moderne is dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation for skin wellness. We continuously probe, search, experiment, and craft new ways to improve our ingredients, technologies, and skin care products. This deliberate diligence is designed to ensure gratifying experiences for our clients, maximum efficacy and quality, while maintaining our clean and green standards. It is our desire to not only inspire our clients, but to deliver healthy skin care products with results beyond their expectations.


It starts with our conscientious methodology for sourcing raw materials. Perpetual research and data collection to stay current on the latest technologies and ingredient information is critical. We achieve this through engagement with the world’s most important symposiums and trade events, constant communications with top ingredient and technology companies, and relationships with organizations like Environment Working Group - Skin Deep Cosmetics Database (EWG) and National Institutes of Environmental Health Science (NIEHS), who do vital research on the safety of the chemicals we are exposed to in our daily lives.

We understand that in order for you or your clients to have the best facials, you need the best facial products. Therefore, we are committed to your health and safety with a standard that goes above and beyond what is legally required in the US. The cosmetic industry is loosely regulated in the US and there are many chemicals allowed in personal care products that research has proven to be harmful. We use none of these chemicals.


Notable health and wellness practitioner, Richard Purvis has more than 30 years of dedicated experience in nutrition, exercise, anti-aging and overall wellness, encompassing extensive research, experimentation, innovation, and a progressive career in these industries. He is the founder and innovator of numerous wellness brands and companies such as Nutrimax, Nutritbrands, Skin Nutrition, Skin Moderne, Elementals, Cell-CPR, and co-founder of Noggin Nosh, Skin Moderne Professional Beauty, and the multi-patented beauty device and brand NanoFusion. Purvis is the current CEO of Skin Moderne Inc and Skin Moderne Professional Beauty Inc. and lives in Denver, Colorado.