• I recently had a facial at a spa in Newport Beach and my esthetician asked if I wanted to try something new, to which I replied, “sure.” I was entranced by the beautiful fragrances as I was having my facial and jubilant when it was over and I saw my skin! It was so full of color and life! I immediately bought several of the products and am so happy to have discovered your products and was pleasantly surprised to learn that you are local!


  • We have had Skin Moderne here in Malaysia for several years now and I have been using the products since they arrived. I have just tried the new Elementals products, which was just launched here, and I have to tell you they are the best products I have ever used! Can’t wait until the new Cell-CPR is launched here.

    Xu Wenli

  • I had a treatment recently at a medi-spa/wellness clinic here in Munich and they were using your Elementals products, including your Nanopen. I was pleased at how my skin felt during the treatment and even thrilled at how it looked after. Skin Moderne is now my preferred skin care brand.


  • I was referred to your line by a friend and immediately went to your website. I sent the company an email asking about the products points of difference, as I was a little skeptical. I got a very nice, and quick, reply back from your CEO, who articulated the company’s philosophy, product uniquenesses and technologies, in a precise and professional way. I immediately bought several of the products and oh how pleased I am that I did! I have used skin care products since I was a teenager and I have tried everything out there. Nothing compares to your Skin Moderne! Thank you.


  • OMG, I love the Live products! Just got them in the mail yesterday and tried them all last night! I cleansed this morning with the Cleansing Smoothie and then put the Breakfast Smoothie on! My skin is glowing and I can’t wait for tonight’s regimen!!


  • I’m sure you remember me because I have bought so much from you for so many years, all from your online store; have asked soooo many questions; and have rated your products online? Just wanted to let you know, again, how happy I am with Skin Moderne! :) I just bought the Elementals Bio Placenta and have already put it on about ten times today!!


  • I love love love the products! I have looked for and tried organic skincare products from high-end boutiques to "Whole Foods" type markets and have never been happy with them, so I started making my own natural recipes that I found on the Internet from organic produce and oils, etc. Then I tried your Live products. The very first thing I noticed was the wonderful colors and pleasant scents. I tried the Breakfast Smoothie first and I felt like I had blended it in my Vitamix! The mask smells delicious and the texture is lightweight and smooth going on my skin. I can’t wait to try more!



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