Anti-Aging: 3 Serums That Are Effective

Fighting the effects of aging isn’t just about looking younger but is also about keeping the skin as healthy as possible. As we get older or are exposed to the elements, our skin dries out, collagen breaks down, and cells stop regenerating as quickly as before. This leads to discoloration, wrinkles, and other damage. Anti-aging serums fight against the damage and protect from further degradation. 

Skin is the body’s first defense against harsh environments and bacteria. When our skin is not as healthy as possible, neither are we. So, while looking younger is a much-desired side effect of most serums, the best anti-aging serum will promote health and regeneration in skin cells, above all else. Different formulas have different main functions. It is important to be aware of the results you are looking for in your skin before buying a product. 

Serums That Encourage Regeneration

Our skin cells are constantly dying, with new ones taking their place. Damaged or older skin can take longer to complete turnover. Certain anti-aging serums promote faster cellular regeneration, keeping the skin looking younger and more healthy. 

Ingredients such as zinc, aspartic acid, and various amino acids encourage increased cell regeneration as well as improving energy production and transfer. This allows the cells to stay healthy, which in turn gives skin a younger, smoother complexion. 

Skin Moderne has a patented ingredient called Bio-Placenta that contains five different growth factors with powerful regenerative properties. This unique anti-aging serum encourages skin renewal and slows down the thinning process that comes with age. 

Serums That Prevent and Reverse Discoloration

One factor that often makes skin look older is discoloration. Dark spots, referred to as hyperpigmentation, are caused by an overproduction of melanin in the skin. Serums that attempt to suppress the melanin synthesis often also come with natural exfoliants and other ingredients to improve cell renewal and elasticity in the skin. This keeps the skin smooth and healthy while dealing with problem spots. 

Look for ingredients that block or reverse melanin production such as Vitamin C, Azeloglicine, and various antioxidants. These ingredients target melanin production and, when combined with ingredients that encourage increased cell regeneration, remove already existing dark spots. 

The Luminous Serum from Skin Moderne uses fruit extracts with exfoliation factors to encourage cell renewal. Combined with the active whitening ingredients targeting melanin synthesis, the serum promotes a smooth even skin tone and healthy cells. 

Serums That Tone and Protect Skin Health

Collagen is the framework that holds up your skin. When this framework breaks down, the skin begins to sag and wrinkle. The best anti-aging serums for wrinkle prevention are the ones that promote collagen production. They also boost elasticity and protect the skin from external harm. 

Peptides promote collagen production, preventing and reversing wrinkles. Retinol and bakuchiol protect the elasticity of the skin, allowing it to stretch and move without damage or wrinkling. These ingredients also work to protect from and reverse sun damage, encouraging healthy skin. 

Bio-Retinol is Skin Moderne’s plant-based alternative to traditional retinol serums, creating a more stable and less inflammatory product. The serum preserves and promotes elastin and collagen, working its hardest to keep skin cells strong and fresh. 

Many of the best serums for anti-aging contain ingredients with cross purposes. Regeneration serums will have collagen producers and discoloration prevention will have products that encourage cell turnover. The best practice is to pick the serum with a main active ingredient that focuses on your core need and let the other ingredients’ benefits be pleasant side effects. It is also important to remember that every serum will take time and consistency to see results. The products are working on a cellular level, from the inside out, so it takes time to see the benefits. 

To learn more about Skin Moderne’s clean skincare and anti-aging products, visit us online, or contact us with your questions. You will never regret treating yourself to the best care possible.