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    Estheticians: 5 Reasons Why Clean Skin Care is Better for Your Clients

    Good quality, clean skincare is not about following the latest trends but is about providing clients with effective, healthy, science-backed products. But if it’s not just about chasing the trendiest slogans, what draws clients to clean care routines? What makes it so important that when the late...
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    NanoFusion: What Is It and How it Can Advance Your Business

    As an esthetician, you pride yourself on providing your clients top-of-the-line beauty treatments. So if you haven’t added NanoFusion to your list of services yet, now is the time. NanoFusion is a state-of-the-art face treatment that will give your clients their best results yet. It will also hel...
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    Estheticians: Why Your Clients Need to Stick to a Skincare Routine to See Results

    If you’re an esthetician, you know all too well that you can only control your client’s skin when you are giving them a treatment. Your client’s diet, lifestyle, and other habits in between sessions are up to them.  In the same vein, your clients may resist sticking to the skincare routine you’ve...