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What Skin Care Products Are Best to Promote Collagen Production?

Throughout history, there have been legends and tales of the quest for youth. People have long been enamored with the idea of never aging, of preserving themselves as they enjoy life to the fullest. While we may not have laced up our boots to track down the Fountain of Youth just yet, there is nothing outlandish about wanting to give your skin the best care possible as the years go by. Over time, our skin needs a pick-me-up, just like any other bodily organ or function. The same way we take different vitamins to improve essentials like iron, our immune system, or our bone health, we should also turn to different products to keep our skin going strong. But when you consider anti-aging skin care products that can give your collagen a boost, which are the go-to products to rely on?

Why Does Collagen Break Down?

There are several reasons our collagen breaks down as we get older. UV (sunshine) exposure over time has been proven through several studies, one of which showed a significant decrease in collagen structure after it was observed under UV light. Age and time are frontrunners as well, because our skin’s ability to produce collagen dips by about 1% per year starting in our 20s--though that age will be different person to person. Smoking is a heavy hitter, since smoke inhibits oxygen delivered to our tissues, so collagen begins to deteriorate. The other offender? Genetics. Our family history can dictate how our collagen will behave as we age. We cannot completely turn back the clock, but we can give our collagen a fighting chance. 

Products that Promote Production

If you are going to start pumping up your collagen production, one of the best places you can start--after you stamp out that cigarette--is your diet. Natural foods like berries and dark leafy greens such as kale or algae are high in antioxidants that protect your skin. Proteins with healthy fats like fish and soybeans, and citrus fruits are great for you in general, and they can promote collagen health, too. So, products boasting soybean oil, algae and kale extracts, or berry extracts are excellent ingredients to keep your eyes out for. Active plants like hibiscus, green tea leaf, or iris pallida are other natural items you want to confirm on your product labels. Retinol’s vitamin A derivatives, and its less intense cousin bakuchiol, can also stimulate collagen cell turnover with less irritation--for those who do have reactions to retinols. 

The Fountain of Youth

When it comes to finding the best anti-aging serum or treatment, it all boils down to what is best for you and your unique skin type. All of us have a different skin we live in and we all want to make sure we give our skin the best treatment it deserves. Always consult your dermatologist for the right ingredients that will benefit your skin, instead of accidentally causing irritation or harsh reactions. Your hunt for the fountain of youth can end with our own Decadent Dessert Smoothie. While we are always promoting products that keep your skin’s health in mind, let us also pamper your skin with the luxurious and potent anti-aging skin care you deserve. Several of the ingredients we mentioned above have been taken into consideration when we built this smoothie for you. Essential oils, marine algae, and resveratrol are just a few of the elements combined here to leave your skin healthier, more youthful, and radiant than ever. After everything you and your skin have been through together, spoil yourself today to stave off all those yesterdays.