What Are the Best Skincare Ingredients for Oily Skin?

Oily skin can cause a frustrating parade of clogged pores, sudden breakouts, constant pimples, and overly shiny skin. When excessive production of oil is not kept in check, natural sebum overproduces, leading to blocked pores with oil, debris, and dirt trapped inside. As a result, pimples and blemishes spread across the skin in angry red bumps of protest. 

It doesn’t have to be this way with oily skin. Oil production can be easily managed with the right products and a balanced diet. The best skincare for oily skin is specifically formulated to target the overproduction of oil and keep pores unclogged, without completely drying out the skin. 

Not all skincare is equal. Some products claim to fight oil and grease but don’t have any of the ingredients necessary to combat the issue. Products like that end up being fairly useless and have the potential to cause more harm than good. Let’s take a look at the best ingredients to look for in skincare for oily skin.  

Beta Hydroxy Acids

Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHB) are great for oily skin. Salicylic acid is a BHB that exfoliates the skin, cleansing excess oil from deep within the pores. It breaks down the structures holding dead skin cells together, sloughing off the old and allowing new, youthful skin to shine through without being oily. 


Retinol is a form of vitamin A that has become extremely popular for facial care. It rejuvenates the skin without forcing higher oil production or clogging pores. Retinol increases cell turnover, boosting the production of bright, smooth toned skin. It also stimulates collagen, keeping the skin firm and youthful and the oil at bay.

Hyaluronic Acid

When it comes to choosing a moisturizer for oily skin, it can be difficult to find one that doesn’t lay thick on the skin and block pores. The wrong kind of moisturizer can cause more breakouts instead of properly nourishing your skin. 

Look for hyaluronic acid in your moisturizer’s ingredient list. It is lightweight and hydrating, giving your skin a booster shot of the nutrients and moisture it needs without adding any extra oil. Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, helping your skin maintain its hydration. 


If you are looking for a product to brighten your skin that has Hyaluronic Acid, we recommend Skin Moderne's Clarifi treatment. 

Glycolic Acid

This special little acid strips excess oil from the skin while giving it an extra bit of glow. Glycolic acid is a type of alpha-hydroxy acid that acts as a chemical exfoliant. It removes dead skin cells, encouraging the growth of new cells, and keeps a healthy turnover on your face. 


Niacinamide is a new ingredient in the skincare market. A specific form of vitamin B, niacinamide is an anti-inflammatory agent. For oily skin that is always flaring up with breakouts, an anti-inflammatory is extremely soothing. Products mixing niacinamide with other ingredients such as salicylic acid help to unclog the pores and ease any inflammation, cleansing and soothing together in one product. 

At Skin Moderne, we offer skincare products with Niacinamide, such as our C Fusion serum. 

When choosing skincare for oily skin, it is important to remember that harsh chemicals, toxins, and unnecessary add-ins can irritate already sensitive, inflamed skin. Using clean, nontoxic skincare will give your skin a better chance of becoming its most youthful, glowing self. 

Skin Moderne’s Clarifi is a purifying and skin rebalancing solution formulated to help fight breakouts on oily skin. It has no harsh chemicals, unnecessary fragrances, or toxins that might irritate the epidermis or trigger an overproduction of oil. 

At Skin Moderne, we strive to create clean, green skincare that both nourishes and protects your skin. To learn more about our variety of skincare products, visit our website today.