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Skincare 101: What Is the Best Order to Apply Skincare Products?

Every skincare product has a different purpose. Some products cleanse, some nourish, and some protect. When using an in-depth multi-step routine, it can be confusing to figure out what comes first. Does the order of skincare products really matter? It does, actually. Employing the proper skincare order ensures that you are receiving maximum benefits from each item. 

Applying products in the wrong order will not only rob you of the proper benefits but can irritate your skin if reactive ingredients are layered on top of each other. Let’s take a look at skincare routine steps that will provide the maximum benefit.


Remove all makeup, oil, and grime before applying any other product. Putting serums and creams on skin that is not clean traps dirt in the pores and keeps the ingredients from penetrating deep enough to benefit the skin. 

For a guaranteed clean, double cleansing is highly recommended. Start with a makeup remover and then cleanse with a gentle gel or foam face wash. Pat dry with a towel. Rubbing risks damaging the sensitive facial tissue. 


While toner is not a requirement, it does break down dirt in the pores and prep the skin for absorbing the ingredients applied later. Toners can be for hydrating the skin or be a gentle exfoliant to treat acne. 


Serums and essences are heavy-duty shots of nutrients and antioxidants for your skin. This is a step that you should probably not skip. Moisture and nutrition are an important part of keeping skin healthy and fighting signs of aging. 

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Eye Cream

When applying skincare products, the basic rule is to apply in order of lightest to heaviest. Since eye cream is generally lighter than a moisturizer, it should be applied first so it has a chance to absorb. While eye cream is not required in all routines, it does help fight fine lines around the eyes and combat bags and discoloration. 

Spot Treatment

Spot treatment should also be applied before the moisturizer to allow maximum absorption. Ideally, spot treatment should be administered at night to give your body the best chance of healing scars and discoloration. If you are using a retinol at night, using a spot treatment at the same time might irritate your skin. Apply spot treatment in the morning to give your skin a break. 


Moisturizer is an absolute must. Hydration keeps the tender skin barrier healthy as well as sealing in all the other products and making them more effective. Let the moisturizer soak in fully before applying the next layer.

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Retinol (Nighttime) 

Retinoids are derived from vitamin A and are a highly effective anti-aging agent. Retinol also helps fight discolored spots and acne. It can be a powerful tool in your skincare routine. Make sure to apply another moisturizer or face oil after the retinol serum has dried, to combat any irritation the product might cause. Plant based Retinol alternatives are now on the market, allowing for all the efficacies of retinoids but without the irritation and photosensitivity they create. Skin Moderne’s Bio-Retinol is one the firsts in this space.  

Face Oil

Oil must be applied after all the products you wish to penetrate the skin. Face oil can sink through most products, but nothing can get through oils. All the moisture and nutrients applied in the previous products will be entirely sealed into the skin, creating a protective barrier.

Sunscreen (Daytime)

The final step is absolutely integral in protecting your skin. Sunscreen of at least 30 SPF should be applied over all the layers of the product to prevent damage and premature aging caused by the sun’s rays.

Does your skincare routine require ten different products? No, not really. If you want simple: cleanse, moisturize, and sunscreen, then you are good to go. If you are ready to step up the facial care to another level, always remember to apply lightest to heaviest, allowing for maximum absorption into the skin. 

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