Premature Aging: How to Prevent and Treat It

Our skin, the body’s first layer of defense, can be a booster or destroyer of our confidence. Healthy skin with a youthful glow can be the perfect boost you need to face the day. When your skin begins to show signs of premature aging, it can strip away that extra little bit of pep in your step. 

Appearance isn’t everything and won’t always determine how you face the day. However, not only is good-looking skin a nice little confidence boost but it is also a sign of healthy skin. Well-cared for skin protects your body from bacteria and other outside influences. Healthier skin makes a healthier you. 

Premature aging usually means that your skin has been damaged beyond its own ability to repair. This damage manifests in ways such as dead skin cell build-up, deepening wrinkles, clogged pores, dull and saggy skin, hyperpigmentation, and sensitivity. Luckily, all of these can be treated or avoided entirely. Let’s take a look at what can be done to prevent and treat premature aging. 


For most people, the biggest concern over aging of the skin is how to prevent wrinkles. While wrinkle treatment is often the focal point of prevention, the treatments also help with other signs of aging. 


The first thing to note is that the biggest damage to healthy skin is the sun. Always wear an SPF of 30 or higher. UV damage is cumulative, so consider wearing sun lotion every day, no matter how long you are outside. 


Antioxidants are a natural defense against free radicals, which cause premature aging in the skin. These handy little nutrients destroy free radicals before they have a chance to even try. Look for products high in natural antioxidants for the best protection. 


Peptides send signals to your cells to produce more collagen. Collagen is the framework for your skin, keeping it nice and firm, so peptides are essential in the fight against sagging and wrinkles. A moisturizer or serum, such as Skin Moderne’s Bio-Placenta, that is full of peptides and amino acids is a perfect addition to a skincare routine. 


Exfoliation unclogs pores, reduces hyperpigmentation, and minimizes wrinkling. A brightening solution with exfoliation properties helps to prevent dead skin cell build-up and keep age spots from forming. 


Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid delivers a super shot of moisture to skin cells by attracting and binding moisture to it. Properly moisturized skin is essential to preventing premature aging, so look for products with this lovely acid in their ingredient list. If your are looking for a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid, we recommend Skin Moderne's Decadent Dessert Smoothie.


For people who already have skin damage, it is never too late to repair some of it. Our skin is always producing new cells as old ones die off. Anti-aging treatments take advantage of the constant rejuvenation as well as filling the skin with the moisture and nutrients it needs to be healthy.


As is common with prevention, treatment requires constant moisture. Hyaluronic acid allows the skin to maintain moisture and can be combined with a thick soothing moisturizing cream for the best results. 


Chemical exfoliants remove dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover rate for healthier, younger-looking skin. Gritty exfoliants or harsh cleansing with washcloths and brushes are not recommended because they are more likely to damage the skin than help it. 

Repair Your Barrier

Your skin has a couple of protective barriers: the acid mantle and the moisture barrier. The acidic mantle protects skin from bacteria while the moisture barrier prevents moisture from escaping. When damaged, the barriers cannot do their jobs properly. Anti-aging products that are engineered to nourish and protect your skin are perfect for helping rebuild the barriers. 


Retinol is hailed as essential in any skincare routine. This is especially true for anti-aging treatments. Retinol improves fine lines and skin texture while shrinking pores and fighting impurities. 

Once you begin treatment to reverse signs of aging, it is important to also use the prevention methods to keep further issues from occurring. Keeping the skin youthful and healthy is all about taking steps to take care of yourself. Just remember that healthier skin makes a healthier you.

Skin Moderne has a line of clean, nontoxic anti-aging products that are perfect for protecting and nourishing your skin. Visit our website today to find out more!