Estheticians: Best Practices to Treat Acne Scars

When taking care of a client’s skin, you are not only safeguarding their body’s first line of defense but also their confidence. As an esthetician, you know the difference beautiful skin can make in a person, so you work with them to prevent breakouts and treat acne when it arises. 

What happens if a client already has acne scars? A common issue, acne scarring can damage self-esteem. Some dermatologists recommend a medical laser procedure, but barring that, is there an acne scarring treatment you can provide for your clients?

Besides using clean skincare to avoid toxins and irritants on sensitive skin, there are a few recommendations you can teach clients who want to learn how to get rid of acne scars. Let’s take a look at why they work. 

A Note on Scarring vs. Hyperpigmentation

Acne can leave behind two different types of marks: scars and hyperpigmentation. Scars are usually colorless depressions or raised bumps on the skin, while hyperpigmentation appears as flat red or brown spots on the skin. Luckily, most over-the-counter treatments will address both issues. It is important to note that hyperpigmentation from acne is temporary and usually fades within twelve months, sooner with treatment. Scars are more permanent and take longer to treat.

Regular Routine

The best treatment for acne scars is prevention. Your clients can treat scars and prevent future scarring by keeping to a regular facial care routine. The best routines include one of three active ingredients that boost collagen production and quick cell turnover:


    • Retinol is a product of vitamin A that not only helps treat acne but is also a common treatment for acne scars. Retinol stimulates collagen growth, filling depression scars left from blemishes. It also encourages cell turnover, promoting new cell growth and healing red spots. 
    • Skin Moderne’s Bio-retinol is an alternative mixture of retinoids that causes less skin irritation, making it perfect for sensitive acne-prone skin.


      • Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHAs) are a chemical exfoliant that helps remove old skin cells from the top layer of the skin. This encourages quick cell turnover, smoothing the edges of scarring over time. AHAs are most effective when combined with Beta-Hydroxy-Acids (BHAs) which help prevent acne by unclogging and shrinking pores. AHAs and BHAs create the perfect knock-out duo of acne prevention and scar removal.
      • Clarify is formulated with AHA specifically for blemish treatment, whereas Renew and Refine is Skin Moderne’s version of the hydroxy acid duo, protecting and renewing skin at the same time. 

    Vitamin C/Antioxidants

      • Antioxidants are known for lightening dark spots and promoting collagen production, working to reduce the remaining effects of acne. Vitamin C is the most famous antioxidant for acne scars treatment, but it is not the only one. Pycnogenol is an antioxidant derived from pine bark that helps protect cells from damage and acts as an anti-inflammatory as well as the usual antioxidant properties.
      • Bio-Fortify is a strong dose of antioxidants to protect skin and treat scarring. Skin Moderne also offers a vitamin C solution for exfoliation and treating hyperpigmentation.


    Sometimes a regular routine isn’t quite enough to reduce severe acne scarring. As an esthetician, you can offer a professional skin treatment called NanoFusion. NanoFusion uses skin penetration and massage to improve the absorption of active ingredients. 

    The vibration and massage encourage skin rejuvenation and collagen production. The NanoFusion Pro Pen targets specific areas within the skin, optimizing results. If you have questions or are interested in adding the Pro Pen to your collection, email us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Skin Moderne understands the importance of delivering results for your clients. That is why we offer a wide range of clean skincare products for all skin types. Take a look at our special formulas for acne or call us today at (559) 967-0950 with your questions.