Go to your local beauty store and you’ll undoubtedly find shelves upon shelves of nicely packaged skincare products all claiming to be the best. But, which one is the best skin care brand? And let's be honest, who has the time or patience to decide? What’s worse, many skincare products on those shelves don’t come close to delivering the results they promise. It can not only be incredibly frustrating, but costly to use the trial and error method to find the best skin care products.

In a world where we’re increasingly exposed to more and more options and misleading advertising, it is vital you find the right information and products you can trust. That’s why we at Skin Moderne are making it our goal to help you understand what makes a good skincare product great. We take your skin seriously and believe everyone should know exactly what they’re putting on their face. Here are the top elements that mark a safe, quality skincare product, so you never have to question your beauty store purchases again!

1) Clean Ingredients

Going back to the shelves at the beauty store, do you ever glance at the back of the bottles and wonder why so many of the products’ contents contain ingredients you can’t even pronounce? Do yourself a favor and put it back on the shelf. Many common skincare products out there contain a ton of harsh, unnecessary chemical ingredients that can irritate and damage skin.

When searching for a safe skincare product the first thing you should look for is clean beauty products. Skin Moderne, for example, ONLY uses ingredients that are natural or naturally-derived. Our conscientious methodology and modern technology ensures we source only the best, cleanest raw materials for our products. We keep our ingredient lists short and save the harmful chemicals for our bathroom floor cleaner.

2) Biocompatible 

When skincare products contain natural or naturally derived ingredients, they are far more biocompatible than those chock-full of chemicals. Biocompatibility is another important element of great skincare products, because when ingredients are biocompatible, our bodies recognize the molecular structure of those ingredients, allowing them to work with our bodies natural biological processes.

To put it simply, if an ingredient isn’t biocompatible our bodies won’t recognize it and it can potentially become an irritant, creating chemical build-up and cellular toxicity. If that doesn’t make you double check what’s in your products, we don’t know what will.

Every ingredient used in Skin Moderne’s products are biocompatible. Our LIVE line of organic skincare products contains natural superfood extracts like blueberries, acai, kale, and pumpkin, which are highly skin compatible and recognizable by the body. They are rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, giving the skin only what it needs to thrive.

3) Level of Efficacy

While this one can get a little technical, it’s super important when it comes to great skincare products. Many people get frustrated with their skincare products, because they spend good money, but don’t see the results they were promised. Sometimes these products even contain quality, active materials. But the problem is, they are used at such a low level that the product doesn’t have any efficacy and produces little results.

The experts behind Skin Moderne have solved this frustrating problem and ensure maximum levels of efficacy in every product. Our patented multi-encapsulation delivery technology allows the clean, active ingredients to penetrate the skin without being diluted. It is also designed to deliver the ingredients to areas where they will be most effective.

Let’s be honest, there’s a science behind creating the top skincare products — the ones that actually work. By creating and seeking out the most modern technology, Skin Moderne is able to produce effective products that bring you the results you want, all while maintaining our clean and green standards.