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Correcting Uneven Skin: How NanoFusion Can Help

No matter what your skin type is, there can come a time when you look in the mirror and are faced with dark spots or patches across your skin. Uneven skin does not pose any harm or threat to you or your skin, but it can give the skin an older, dulled appearance. In some cases, it can also indicate other underlying issues. That does not mean uneven skin tone, or “hyperpigmentation”, is untreatable. In fact, there are several ways to treat uneven skin tone when it presents. However, when exfoliating, applying sunblock, patience, and juggling the “right” ingredients for your skin have all failed, what is left?

What Causes Uneven Skin Tone?

Simply put, hyperpigmentation is defined as excess pigmentation in the skin. These appearances vary from small patches to covering large areas across the entire body (not just the face). There are several types of hyperpigmentation that can affect even skin tone, such as melasma, sunspots, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Melasma is the result of hormonal changes, including puberty, oral contraceptive use, or pregnancy. Sunspots are the most common, relating to excess sun exposure over time, appearing in places exposed to sunlight regularly. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation cases occur because of injury or inflammation to the skin. Even pollution can be a leading cause of uneven skin, as exposure over time can exhaust and harm the body from the outside-in and the inside-out—especially across your face. It can also affect any other areas of skin exposed to the elements during these prolonged periods.

Just as there are numerous causes that lead to uneven skin tones, there are also several treatment options you can pursue.  

How NanoFusion Can Help

Professionals and patients have discovered the powerful benefits of nano-infusion for treating uneven skin tones—specifically with the award-winning NanoFusion pen. The NanoFusion Pen creates nano-channels across the skin to allow active ingredients to penetrate deeper for faster and better efficacyand all without triggering further inflammation, which can lead to more patches of uneven skin. 

When you develop patches of uneven skin, it is your body over-producing melanin. This overproduction occurs to help recover from or adjust to changes in your body, as discussed above. One of the NanoFusion pen’s features is its massaging and vibrating nano-points, which can invigorate skin to boost its own collagen and elastin production. The invigorating pulse gives these elements the kickstart they need to regulate your skin back to a more smooth, even skin tone. The added perk of nutrient-rich serums soaking into the skin encourages the skin to heal and thrive.

As always, and especially when it comes to hyperpigmentation, consult your skincare and medical professional before pursuing treatment. Different treatments can carry different results and reactions across all skin types. Your hyperpigmentation could also be part of an underlying issue that may need further attentionfrom more than your esthetician. So, while you are pursuing options to even out skin tones, keep you and your skin’s well-being at heart before settling on a treatment. Your skin will thank you for it!

Are you suffering from unsightly, uneven skin tone? The award-winning NanoFusion Pro Pen could be just what you need. Skin Moderne is proud to support this game-changing device—and give our guests a new lease on quality skincare.